Benefits with BWC

BWC clients benefit from an array of services offered in order to cater to and safe guard all their investment needs.

BWC assists you with the following:

Access to Rare Stock

We have established a network of negociants, merchants and traders throughout UK and Europe. These relationships give us the opportunity to secure and dispose of stock in as cost-efficient manner as possible.

Quality Control

The unfortunate reality is that the wine industry, like so many other luxury goods, is subject to counterfeit and the supply of inferior stock. To combat this we insist all our suppliers provide us with provenance and verification of all stock. All our stock is subject to this process. Almost all the wines we trade are OWC (Original Wooden Cases).

Logistics, Storage and Insurance

All our wines are transported by and stored at London City Bond’s Vinotheque warehouse in Burton-On-Trent. Established since 1870 LCB is a Revenue & Customs regulated bonded warehouse and has the ideal climate and conditions for wine storage, ensuring that our clients wine are able to mature properly


BWC has the network of contacts throughout the UK and Europe to arrange the re-sale of your wines at a moment’s notice. Ordinarily, we advise our clients when to take profits or when we believe optimal yields have been achieved. Naturally, care and attention is taken in order to ensure that best prices are achieved.

On-going Management and Communication

BWC take an active approach to maintaining the balance of your portfolio(s). We provide annual valuations of stock and monthly updates and recommendations through a dedicated Account Manager. This will provide you with not only an up-date on market value and new wines on offer but also an insight into the market and market forces. Additionally, we are best placed to help clients take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise.

This value added service tends to be greatly appreciated by our clients.