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Raise a glass to wine as an asset class - June 6, 2016 - IFA Magazine

Is wine worth investing in? Neil Martin speaks to Andrew della Casa, a founding director of London-based The Wine Investment Fund


Classic cars and fine wines leave Warren Buffett trailing - November 26, 2015 - FT

Popularity of asset classes given ‘wasting’ status boosted by capital gains tax break


The best investment of the 20th century? Red wine - May 20, 2015 - Telegraph

Annualised real returns of 4.1pc on wine from 1900 to 2012 beat government bonds, fine art and stamps


Bordeaux wine is for investing, not just drinking - May 15, 2015 - FT

Premier cru vintages reign supreme, according to a study co-authored by a Cambridge professor


BORDEAUX PRICES BACK TO 2010 LEVELS - February 10, 2015 - Drinks Business

As reported by the FT, Bordeaux Index announced today that Bordeaux prices are back at 2010 levels, with prices for some of the region’s top estates having returned to 2005/06 levels.


Bordeaux is back on the investment table as Hong Kong buyers boost price - February 10, 2015 - City AM

BORDEAUX prices are back at 2010 levels, with the cost of some of the French regions’ best-known brands returning to pre-crisis peaks


Mouton Rothschild Leads Revival in Demand for Recent Bordeaux - February 2, 2015 - Bloomberg

Demand for recent vintages of celebrated Bordeaux such as Chateau Mouton Rothschild is showing signs of revival as investors see opportunities after three years of declining prices.


Woolf Sung unveils fine wine investment surge amid China's Year of the Goat - January 26, 2015 - IBT

Fine wine has been the darling of the alternative investment sector for years as returns on specific vintages have led to bumper returns for investors.


The Beauty of Fine Wine in Your Glass and Bank Account - November, 2014 - Huffington Post

The dichotomy of fine wine and money! We all know that the 'establishment' frowns on the principle of treating wine as an investment and yet it is inherent to the history of trade in fine wine.


SUPER-RICH SPEND $8 BILLION ON BOOZE - November, 2014 - The Drink Business

The world’s ultra-rich spent US$8 billion on wine and spirits this year, according to a report which has revealed an insight into their spending habits.


Bordeaux's fine wine market ripe for recovery, says Liv-ex chief - November, 2014 - Harpers

Four years of falling prices have brought the Bordeaux market to its “lowest ebb since the early 1970s”, meaning now is a good time to enter the market.


Mouton unveils Catalan artist label for 2012 vintage - November, 2014 - Decanter

Chateau Mouton Rothschild has revealed its 2012 vintage label created by Miquel Barcelo, the final artist commissioned by the late Baroness Philippine de Rothschild.


$14,000 Burgundies Help Prop Up Stagnant Fine Wine Market - November, 2014 - Bloomberg

Historic Burgundies at almost $14,000 a bottle and rare, more recent wines from Bordeaux’s Pomerol district have been in demand at auctions in London andChicago, even as the broader fine wine market stagnates.


Do You Have a Nose for Wine Futures? - November, 2014 - Wall Street Daily

I just returned from the Tuscany region of Italy, where I spent some time imbibing and immersing myself in a niche market.


The future looks rosé for fine wine - November, 2014 - The independent

Despite the recession, several poor vintages and counterfeit labels at the top end of the market, Anthony Rose says there is light at the end of the barrel for investors


New Wine Stock Exchanges - Will They Be Gone Tomorrow or Are They Here to Stay? - October, 2014 - Digital Journal

Last year's launch of new wine stock exchange platform Cavex has encouraged much speculation amongst the fine wine community and has split opinions on the validity of this type of business model.


Asian investors stock up on £2,500 vintage Bordeaux wine - September, 2014 - Telegraph

Bordeaux Index claims that market is now the best the last five years to buy fine vintage wine such as Petrus and Haut Brion


Uncorking the Napa Valley Situation - September, 2014 - Wealth Daily

Read the words “natural disaster” and “Napa Valley” together in one headline and one thing immediately pops into mind… wine prices are going to rise!


How to invest in wine - September, 2014 - High 50

Three years of declining fine wine prices could spell an opportunity for investors. Julian Knight outlines what to look for, potential pitfalls, how much to invest and how to make money


Cheers! Check out our video of 10 top tips for investing in the world of wine - August, 2014 - WalesOnline

Nigel O’Sullivan, managing director of Fine Wines Direct UK, shares the secrets of making a corking investment in wine


Cheers! Check out our video of 10 top tips for investing in the world of wine - August, 2014 - WalesOnline

Nigel O’Sullivan, managing director of Fine Wines Direct UK, shares the secrets of making a corking investment in wine


Investment portfolios need top claret to out-perform gold, says study - August, 2014 - DeCanter

An analysis of investing in French wine by researchers from the Montpellier Business School has found that gold is a more profitable investment than wine in general, unless your portfolios contains top Bordeaux estates.


The top funds of the past ten years - July, 2014 - This Is Money

Hold on to a car or wine for long enough and it could become vintage, but the same cannot be said for most funds. 


Football legend shares a taste of victory - May, 2014 - China Daily

A selection of wines from the cellar of Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of Manchester United of the English Premier League, will go under the gavel at Christie’s Spring Auction in Hong Kong this Saturday.


Wine prices outperformed art, stamps and bonds throughout 20th century - May, 2014 - University of Cambridge

New research reveals that investors who have so far left wine out of their portfolio may want to think again.


Investing in wine produces heady returns - May, 2014 - Every Investor

One of the most comprehensive studies of the price of wine to date has revealed that wines outperformed government bonds, art and stamps, and remained consistently on a par with stock market returns, throughout the 20th century.


Some Wines Are Worth Not Drinking - May, 2014 - The New York Times

MANY people who collect fine wine talk about it as an investment. But is something that pairs nicely with rack of lamb really an investment — or just a way to justify paying tens of thousands of dollars for a single bottle?


Firm lets rich use yachts, wine and cars to secure loans - April, 2014 - Telegragh

For most cash-strapped customers looking for quick loans, wine cellars, yachts and classic car collections are probably far out of reach.


Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to auction off vintage wine collection worth £3 million - April, 2014 - Telegragh

Former Manchester United manager, known to have a good nose for claret, classes his Romanee-Conti '99 as the most special


Prices of French wines soar after poor harvest - March, 2014 - The Local

The prices of some French wines have shot up more than 30 percent since the summer due to a historically weak grape harvest in 2013, that has left the good stuff in short supply, according to data released on Monday.


DOWNING STREET’S £3.2M WINE CELLAR REVEALED - February, 2014 - The Drinks Business

A fascinating insight into the wines enjoyed by British politicians and visiting heads of state have been revealed with the release of tasting notes for No. 10′s £3.2m wine cellar.


Is Bordeaux's 2005 Vintage Worth the Hype? - February, 2014 - Food and Wine

Is 2005 really the vintage of a lifetime or are its merits overblown? Robert M. Parker, Jr., gives his frank assessment and names his favorite producers.






At BWC Management & Consulting Partners we believe trading wine should be both enjoyable and profitable, but like any traded commodity there are risks and wine can go down in value as well as up.


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