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1. Which wine should I buy? BWC will provide you with a list of wines that we have available or are able to source, each with Robert Parker Jnr's tasting notes, complete with his score out of 100 (confirming its quality). We have wines to suit every requirement and budget.

2. How long should I be looking to hold on to the wine? We always advise to look at this market with a medium to long-term view, anything from 3-5 years hold depending on your desired returns.

3. Where will the wine be stored? All wines will be stored at London City Bond. However, your wines can be stored at an alternative location under your instructions.

4. Is the wine insured? Your wine will be insured for its replacement value. So in case of fire, theft, damage, etc., it will be replaced or current market value paid directly to you.

5. How do I know I am paying the right price for the wine? We can recommend certain wine comparison websites that will give you an independent source for price comparisons. These sites offer a spread of prices that will enable you to ascertain an accurate market aggregate.

6. Where can I follow wine prices? We can again recommend independent websites and publications that list prices and provide up-to-date market data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Prices are relatively transparent and easy to track in today's market.

7. What is the Tax position of profits on wine? Wine is exempt from CGT and therefore tax-free. Even though this is the general tax position, BWC still advised you to consult a tax adviser for confirmation of your individual position.

8. Are there any hidden costs or fees? There are no hidden costs or charges . We aim to be as transparent as possibly. We charge 3% per annum management fees (advance for 5 years, totalling 15%) and 5% of profits on re-sale.

9. How do I sell the wine? BWC will handle the sale of your wine on your behalf.

10. How long has BWC been in business? We have been in business since 2002 and have a healthy track record for delivery both the product and returns.




At BWC Management & Consulting Partners we believe trading wine should be both enjoyable and profitable, but like any traded commodity there are risks and wine can go down in value as well as up.


Tel +44 (0) 207 291 3600

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